Dear Friends,
As we move into 2017, we've got BIG changes ahead and are rebranding to match our vision. 

Rides for Lives will be changing its name to Health Access Corps

In 2011 when we started this journey, our mission was to provide appropriate technologies for healthcare access to the world’s most vulnerable populations in East Africa. Our signature products being The Mobile Hospital and The Village Ambulance.

After 5years in the field, we have learned that the biggest problem is not getting someone to the hospital fast enough nor bringing a mobile hospital to them in the village (though those problems still exist and need a permanent solution). The main problem is the lack of access to a doctor or any other trained medical professional  when a patient arrives at the medical facilities.

We have been facing this reality day in and day out and we needed to do something about it. Thus, we create a sustainable and a much scalable solution to solve this problem utilizing local talent.

Health Access Corps was born!

What are we hoping to Achieve moving forward?

Our Vision: A world where every human being has access to quality healthcare

Our Mission:  To sustainably strengthen healthcare systems in Sub-Saharan Africa using local talent to combat the extreme shortage of healthcare professionals in underserved areas. 

How ? By providing competitive compensation and support of local health care professionals such as Doctors, nurses and Midwives within their local communities!

Interesting enough, most African countries' education systems graduate a fair number of health care professionals good enough to reduce on lack of access problem in the region. Sadly, the professionals who are lucky enough to get a paid job are overworked and underpaid. The ones unable to find paying jobs, join different sectors with better opportunities or leave the country in order to find jobs abroad.

The Irony here is that: On one hand you witness many people suffering and some times dying on hospital floors due to lack of access to trained health professionals; on the other had you see a massive number of trained health professionals a) not practicing medicine but working in other fields b) leaving their native countries headed for foreign lands in search for better opportunities for them and their families. At Health Access Corps we are here to put an end to this "epidemic"!

Isn't this the work of the governments? The way health systems are set up today, Its a privilege for a few; yet it should be a right for all!  Yes, providing social services is supposed to be the work of the governments! However, if the governments were doing their job well; non-profits would not exist. Most non-profits exist to fill in the gaps, giving voice to the voiceless and advocating for the marginalized. Our ultimate goal is systems change. We hope that if we do our job right with good data that show positive impact the governments should be able to pick it up from there. But until enough people collectively raise their voices; poorest of the poor will always sit there wishing and hoping while their loved ones are dying in their arms.

Together, We are...HEALTH ACCESS CORPS

Same commitment on ensuring health Equity for all!
Same passion!
Same Team!
Same Drive!

Happy New Year 2017!!