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The most effective and efficient way to help is to make a donation (it’s tax-deductible!). A direct donation from you will:            

  • Go toward Funding a Doctor's Salary
    You can also... 

  • Volunteer. Our volunteers are the backbone of Health Access Corps. If you are a physician; you can go serve in country. From marketing to fundraising, our volunteers are hard at work to boost our platform to a global stage, which we can leverage to highlight current problems, and the solutions to fix them.

  • Spread the word! We understand the power of social media, and you can help spread the word in under a minute by sharing our work on your favorite social media websites!

  • Host a fundraiser! There are various ways you can host a fundraiser for Health Access Corps. From charitable auctions, to black-tie dinners, you have the power to be a creative life-saver. Coordinate with our staff, and let's have an event that will never be forgotten.