38/49 Sub-Saharan Africa Countries home to
900 million people have one or more Medical schools; Why are their healthcare systems among the lowest in the world?



Brain drain of healthcare professionals


The Solution 

Recruit and support a sustainable pool of local healthcare professionals committed to serve in underserved areas.


Access to healthcare continues to be a serious and widespread problem in developing countries especially in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa. There are many factors that contribute to this reality. However, there is one "epidemic" among all that stands out the most: Brain Drain of health care professionals.

For example, most African countries' education systems graduate a fair number of health care professionals good enough to reduce on lack of access problem in the region. Sadly, the professionals who are lucky enough to get a paid job are overworked and underpaid. The ones unable to find paying jobs, join different sectors with better opportunities or leave the country in order to find jobs abroad.

The Irony: On one hand you witness many people suffering and some times dying due to lack of access to trained health professionals; on the other had you see a massive number of trained professionals leaving their countries headed for foreign lands in search for better wages. At Health Access Corps we are here to put an end to this epidemic!