Health Access Corps (formerly Rides for Lives) started off providing appropriate technologies for healthcare access to the world’s most vulnerable populations in East Africa. Our signature products being The Mobile Hospital and The Village Ambulance

After serving hundreds of thousands of patients in the field we learned that the biggest problem is neither getting someone to the hospital nor bringing a mobile hospital to them in the village but the lack of access to a doctor in medical facilities. We needed to create a scalable and sustainable solution to solve this problem utilizing local talent; Health Access Corps was born!


Chris Ategeka was born in a small village in western Uganda along with his siblings and extended family. At a young age, he witnessed both his parents die from HIV/AIDS, and his brother who died in the arms of his extended family in an effort to carry him to the nearest healthcare facility.

Despite these tragedies, Chris connected with an organization in Uganda, called Y.E.S. Uganda, where he was able to receive support, opportunity, and an education. Chris showed reverence for education; a sponsoring family from California took notice and gave Chris funding to attend private school and invited him to live with them. Chris attended UC Berkeley, where he received his Bachelors and Masters in mechanical engineering. Using the knowledge he gained, in combination with his childhood experience of growing up in poverty in Uganda, he created Health Access Corps, a non-profit organization with a vision to create a world where every human being has access healthcare.